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About the Photographer

Sometimes you were just born to do something.  You know from the moment you engage in the activity.  My grandfather, Oliver Akins, was our family documentor and camera enthusiast.  He documented every possible moment of his and our lives.  I don't think I can ever remember that camera being far from his hands.  Although he wasn't interested in the technical aspect of making a photograph, he felt it was important to document our lives on film.

It was around the age of 13 that I developed a special love for photography.  When I was holding a camera, my temultuous teenage world was somehow transformed into a surreal, slowed down examination of life, love, nature and relationships.  I could barely photograph a scene without becoming teary-eyed.  I walked around envisioning the world as a photograph.  The print was my canvas.

Fast forward to college...  I earned a dual Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Administration with a minor in Management.    I exited a management career to transition to the most difficult job on the planet. I became a full-time mom to three wonderful children while pursuing my calling - photography.

K Gallery Photography was born out of many years of photography classes and building experience through trial and error and practice... and more practice!  I am proud to say that my studio has remained in business for 12 years and I am the only CPP (Certified Professional Photographer)  in a couple of counties and one of 3,000 worldwide!

I love photographing your family, your most precious possession.  I take your session to heart and strive for perfection but most of all, making it a wonderful, memorable experience for you and yours to cherish for all time.  After all, life is not about the destination - it's about the travels.  

Love and Blessings to you all,